«ܘܝܩܝܦܕܝܐ:ܕܘܒܪܐ»: ܦܘܪܫܐ ܒܝܢܝ ܬܢܝܬ̈ܐ

2) '''No diacritics in articles.''' With the exception of syame, the plural marker. It is easier for modern speakers to read a document if they assume their own vowel scheme when reading. Also, vowel markings differ between different dialects (i.e. the Eastern point-based system vs. the Western Greek-based system). <br>
3) ''' Do not adjust article font size.''' The standard Unicode font size for ''many'' fonts appear too small, but not for all of them. Try adjusting your own font settings instead of increasing the text size using markup language.<br>
4) '''Use the older method of transliteration.''' Where: /t/ → ܛ, /θ/ → ܬ, /k/ → ܩ, /x/ → ܟ, and any long or stressed vowels are marked (short vowels are ignored except when they occur near consonant clusters or word initially/finally).