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To be honest, I find it very hard and not practical to pronounce canada like Qanada, but the good news is that we have language specialists in the middle east (Iraq, Syria...etc) and we can consult them, right?
tell me what do you think of this [http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/arc/f/f7/Wiki_arc.png picture] to be used in the main page?
For me it's very unlogical to follow the Jews or Arabs way of writing. And it feels very unlogical for me to write Canada like Qanada when we do not pronounce it as Qanada, but Kanada and since it is a phontic alphabet we should not write it as Qanada. It is up to us to determine whether we will write these sounds as they should or should not be pronounced. Shlome sagiye--[[User:Assyria 90|Assyria 90]] 21:33, 19 ܫܒܛ 2009 (UTC)