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You are correct that in modern times the westerns have labelled Assyrian Neo-Aramaic as the language of the Assyrian Nestorians, Chaldean Neo-Aramaic for the Assyrian Chaldeans and Turoyo for the Assyrian Jacobites. These are all 3 incorrect terms. Our language is to solely be called Assyrian Aramaic, refering to the Aramaic spoken in Assyria. We also know that the "Assyrian Neo-Aramaic" and "Chaldean Neo-Aramaic" dialects are in fact one dialect split into sub-dialects just as Urmians speak different from Tyaraye.--[[ܡܬܚܫܚܢܐ:Assyria 90|Assyria 90]] 19:45, 19 ܐܕܪ 2010 (UTC)
By the way, I noticed that you changed "Meqsiqo" to "Meksiqo" a good change in my eyes even though I would rather see "Meksiko" as we have established pronounciations with a phonetic alphabet even though we have a standard classical system. How about changing "Turqiya" to "Turkiya" as a some 99% of all Assyrians pronounce? I'll ask my cousin who has got a masters in Syriac studies before I get too annoying without any "grounds" :) --[[ܡܬܚܫܚܢܐ:Assyria 90|Assyria 90]] 21:53, 23 ܐܕܪ 2010 (UTC)