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I just got off the phone with my cousin. He studied at the Uppsala University which has taught Assyrian/Syriac as it was previously called since the 17th century. He explained that we in our writing system many times have a shift from k to q even though the pronounciation is with a e.g. "k" because of the Greek language. When I asked about his personal opinion about Turkey and Mexico due to his masters degree he would go with "Turkiya - ܬܘܪܟܝܐ" and "ܡܟܣܝܟܐ" but and when it comes to the word "Wikipedia" it can be written with either a "k" or "q" as the word "Wiki" is not Greek. Shlomo --[[ܡܬܚܫܚܢܐ:Assyria 90|Assyria 90]] 23:10, 24 ܐܕܪ 2010 (UTC)
Clearly you tend to misunderstand me every single time. When I say that we need to maintain this wikipedia on a somewhat Assyrian National level I mean that we will not be able to keep the articles together and our Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac people if everyone starts using his daily language too much. And yes, politics is not the place for wikipedia.
We shall not interfere with ancient Syriac methods in translating Latin letters into Syriac letters but you have to realise that when the foreign Latin and Greek words were translated into Syriac these were not used by our population and therefore a traditional system was set with k -> q and could be used. Today we have etablished pronounciations for countries as Turkey and Mexico and we need to use the phonetic system in words that are already established in our language.
You also talk about how I would spell "bach", you should know that "bach" is a classical Syriac word which is spelled as "ܒܟܼ" and not "ܒܐܟ" as you would spell it. We have a system for these letters where a dot under a Kof becomes a Khof and a dot under Taw becomes Thaw. Taw is Taw and Thaw and Thaw, you must have heard the phrase in Our Father, "Tithe Malkuthokh - ܬܐܬܼܐ ܡܠܟܘܬܼܟܼ" where a Taw is a Taw but where a dot under the Taw is a Thaw. I believe you would spell "Tawa as ܛܐܘܐ" and not as "ܛܒܼܐ" since a "beth" is only a beth in your eyes and not a "v" with a dot under it? Doesn't make sense. I will not write Turqiya as 99,9% of the Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac people denounce that and if you can not agree with me on this one, then I am sorry but we have unfortunately then found eachother in a edit-war. --[[ܡܬܚܫܚܢܐ:Assyria 90|Assyria 90]] 18:05, 26 ܐܕܪ 2010 (UTC)