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←‏How to use: ܡܕܡ ܐܘܠܨܝܐ
(←‏How to use: ܡܕܡ ܐܘܠܨܝܐ)
* "(+)" at the end of the list of categories: when clicked, an input field to [[#Adding a category|add a category]] is opened.
* "(+<sup>+</sup>)" at the front: when clicked, enters [[#Making more than one category change|multi-change mode]], allowing modifying more than one category.
If HotCat can detect that a certain category is not in the page text itself but was transcluded onto the page from a template or other transclusion, it will '''not''' add these links. Only categories that '''are present''' in the wikitext of the page itself can be modified through HotCat.